Please feel free to browse our website.We hope you conclude that we offer the best value in audio and video services.
As we do business we would like to build goodwill in our community. In this pursuit we offer half price for Central Florida students in Music Production, Post Production, and Producer services. A valid ID from elementary school through college is required in order to be eligable for these reduced price services.

Services and Prices.

Studio recording and tracking for music and voice overs which includes one of our engineers on any analog or digital input is $50 per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Studio instruments and amplifier sets can be rented for $30 per hour per instrument. An advance refundable deposit will be required to rent instruments and amplifiers. We also have an extensive list of versatile and expert studio musicians that can be used on a project at a flat rate of $30 per hour.

Mixdown of tracks to prepare for mastering is $50 per hour.

Audio Mastering, services are $75 per hour.

Use of an in house producer to provide creative or musical direction is an additional $60 per hour plus a negotiated percentage of residual royalty rights based on the music content that the producer has contributed to.

Stronger Measures Studios (SMS) offers music instruction on any instrument for $30 per hour.

We offer live or studio sound design consulting for $75 per hour.